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If there is one thing we know, already on the day we are born, it is that death awaits on the horizon. When you have passed 60, death becomes more and more present in life and perhaps life becomes more alive if you have a clarified relationship with death.

Last autumn, my dear father, Asbjørn, gradually became weaker, his senses closed little by little and he expressed that now, at the age of 96, he was tired of life and ready to go. He felt that now he had experienced enough and the spark of life gradually disappeared. He was so lucky to spend his last days at Carpe Diem on Dønski, a brand new nursing home in a five-star hotel class. There, the architect woke up to life for a few months before breathing out quietly for the very last time on February 3, 2021.

Asbjørn was buried at Haslum crematorium with Per as funeral director, a beautiful ceremony that we got to create the framework for ourselves. Asbjørn worked, as long as hes legs would carry him, at Høvik Blomster and Lilly decorated the crematorium with beautiful flowers that provided a nice setting for the ceremony with friends and family.

Asbjørn was super enthusiastic about our moving plans to Italy and had his health allowed he would have been ready to travel the same day we showed him pictures and prospects on the house. We have traveled to Italy together several times over the years and on our very last trip together went to Rome. It was one of his greatest experiences in life that he lived on for a long time. Isn't it weird how things work out? Now one chapter in my life was over and I was ready for new adventures. Thank you for life dear dad!

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