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Another postponement

We were almost ready to travel and then we were told that there were some muffins regarding the takeover of Villa Rosita but luckily it was discovered in time and it was not us who were involved. - Then again we have to wait, but we have gradually become accustomed to it. So in the meantime I have had a photo shoot with the Maren with new designs and now I will have one more round before we travel the second week in June (that is at least the plan).

Per has been vaccinated and is doing well after a small hospital visit in the emergency room. He was dizzy and had palpitations and luckily it passed after a thorough examination where they found no errors in the tests. We do not know if there was a reaction to the vaccine, but now he is felling very well.

Today we have agreed that we will use the time to clean more and find out what we want to get rid of like furniture, books, knitting models, art etc. So soon there will be a date for clearance sales here at our home - of course with a limited number of persons and corona distance and we hope you stop by. In the meantime, we hope you get to celebrate the Norwegian national day,

May 17 with those you love.

Hip hip hurray !!!!

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