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The exhibition "Wheels of life - a pilgrimage to inner wisdom" is beginning to take shape and soon you can see it in our garden here at Villa Rosita in Tuscany.

What do you do when you are melting away in the heat and begin to understand why they have a siesta here in Italy?

Yes, you move in, to air conditioning and shade. You find glitter yarn, crochet hooks, beads and start wandering inwards. Inwards to a quiet center where the soul knocks on the door and wants a conversation about life, death, the world and the cosmos.

It was time to unpack the wheels from the exhibition "Wheels of Life", which has been stored away since the exhibition at Hadeland Glassverk in 2017. It was a bit of a challenge to move them from Norway, but now, when they have been unpacked, I see that our garden is a perfect frame for the wheels.

They have come home!

But first they must be updated, my worldview continues to change and this must be integrated into the wheels. The garden provides new opportunities for exposure of the wheels. The trees, stonewalls, plants and wind also invite for a dialogue. So this will take some time, the ideas will bubble as I tune in to the wisdom that is hidden in each wheel.

So soon, you can bring your friends and acquaintances with you and come on a spiritual pilgrimage here in our garden. Just remember to book a time for a tour because you never know where we wander!

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