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Styling and departure

The garden is at its very best and tomorrow the photographer will come and take pictures of the house and garden outside. And it will be sooo nice that we almost do not want to travel from this paradise we live in.

Maybe you know someone who is looking for their own paradise, with the possibility to work from home for at least 2 persons, they can also run their own business from here or maybe a small craft business. It is only the imagination that sets the limits. The house will be put up for sale during the autumn if everything goes according to plan. ..... and now we are approaching departure, both cars are packed, we drive one car and the motorhome so we can spend the night together when we meet for a late night date on the road down. Will be wonderful with a few days on wheels, days for reflection and to take it all in while we drive. On the coming Saturday I will see the house for the very first time and I promise both report and photos. I feel this is almost too exciting. Hoping for an acute falling in love situation so it will be more easy to let go of our pearl in Gran. Occasionally there have been some quiet moments with time for my poetry from the soul and here today's poem from me to you

Hold me Carry me Let me rest in your arms so I no longer remember my name Then I can resurrect with shiny feathers like the one I really am


My good friend Andrea has been so kind and translated it into Italian as well

Stringimi, Cullami, Fammi riposare Tra le tue braccia, Fino a che non dimenticherò Il mio nome.

E poi risorgerò.. Con ali di piume scintillanti.. Così come sono davvero


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