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Oooo we have been waiting, oooo we have cheered and my G so disappointed we have been! One day everything was fine, the next day it was not, and so it went on. Now we are still waiting for everything to settle down and for us to get in the motorhome and drive down to take over Villa Rosita.

I have not even seen the house!

But the wait is well spent! We have cleaned and sold away, we have emptied inventory and sold stashed yarn. I have found a new owner for the fine, handmade yarn shelves that my uncle made for me when I had a shop in Vika in Oslo and which have followed me all these years.

Cottage at Høvik We have taken over my childhood home in Høvik, which will be our haunt in Norway and which has now been named "Hytta ". We have trained in renovation, we have felt the joy of painting and decorating the flat with the treasures we have collected over the years. Per has practiced living without a garden and lots of space and he feels that he is not ready for it.

Well we get a 400 m2 house and a similarly large garden in Italy, where we will really have fun for many years to come.

We feel that the cleaning process is consuming, it brings back many dear memories, Per sits with photos from our trips to India, Peru and Nepal and reminisces. He's wondering if he can use this screw or do we need this anymore? Everything must be considered, everything must be released and at the same time a lot is also released inside. I feel like saying goodbye to places, in the immediate area, thanking for all the memories and getting ready for the unknown life.

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