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We did not quite know what we were doing on the day we bought Villa Rosita. It has been a long journey of discovery and along the way we have understood that we have bought a bygone dream, a dilapidated gem. Luckily the house was in good condition so it is almost completely refurbished and fully habitable. Now there are only a few minor things left that we can manage on our own or get proffesional help with.

And we have received help, both from neighbors and not least from Paulo who appeared in our lives by a so-called coincidence. Paulo has helped us with most things, and if he can not contribute himself, he will find someone who can. He has a huge network that we greatly enjoy. And we have also become soulmates we 3, Per, Paolo and I. He drove to Norway on holiday with me to bring Per back to Italy and he was almost as excited about Norway as we are about Italy.

After we returned to Villa Rosita, Paolo put us in touch with an institution, Badia, for former drug addicts in the neighboring town of Pontedera. They came for an inspection in our park and came up with a fantastic offer for us. They could help us clear the garden / park for a very reasonable payment and we of course said YES !!!!

And what an enrichment, what great human encounters, lots of ease and joy. They come a few days a week and start with a lot of determination and big smiles Sweat seeps in sun, but there are only happy faces. It is just as exciting every day to look at the results and little by little Villa Rositas' former splendor comes to light.

And suddenly there is enough time to get rid of little things that have been waiting a long time, to start seeing new opportunities, to play the ball together and share ideas about what we can do in the future. And not least, I have finally regained the inspiration to take photographs. Right now the rose garden is in full bloom and I enjoy the afternoon light and photograph all the fantastic motifs that unfold every single day.

Take time to enjoy all the beauty that Villa Rosita has to offer, we need some beauty at the moment .....

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